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Install your smart Chicago business security system from Vivint

A Vivint business security system in Chicago is the ideal way to keep your business safe, secure, and efficient.

Your Chicago business is your livelihood and passion. That’s why your business should use a smart Chicago business security system to keep your site, customers, and employees safe and secure.

With your Vivint security system, you can use motion detectors, HD security cameras, and smart locks -- all with in-app access and mobile alerts. Then, up the ante with energy efficiency techniques with a smart thermostat or smart lighting that helps your company save money.

Here’s what a Chicago business security system can offer you

24/7 monitored alarms

Have Vivint customize the best alarm system for your business, using encrypted devices like intrusion sensors, motion detectors, and smart locks. Then if a device triggers, your Vivint monitoring team will call you and the authorities within seconds.

Video surveillance

Security cameras can be professionally installed where you would get the most benefit in your Chicago business. Keep sight on entryways, checkout stations, or employee only rooms. Vivint’s outdoor and indoor cameras employ 180° fields of view, zoom and pan enhancements, and 2-way talk. And you can watch all feeds and set alerts through the Vivint App.

Energy-saving automation products

Coupling your business security system with automation can save on utility use. A smart thermostat or smart bulbs can automatically dim during non-business hours so you don’t use unnecessary power.

Your security cameras, automation, and security system can be accessed remotely through the Vivint App. Watch HD security camera feeds, open doors for deliveries, or set up schedules for alarms and other automation. Then get alerts to your mobile device when a device triggers or a security camera detects unusual motion.

Fire and safety detectors

Enhance your smoke alarms to Vivint’s monitored fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and water detectors. If an emergency arises, Vivint’s monitoring agents will sprint into action in under a minute -- whatever the time of day!

Stay protected even during a blackout

Because your Chicago business security system works with cellular technology, it can’t be disarmed by a stripped wire or brownout. With a backup battery with a 24-hour lifespan, you’ll still have a constant connection to your system and Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring agents during a blackout or other disaster. 

vivint Chicago business security

The best Chicago business security system for every business

A Vivint expert will create the best alarm system for your company. Then Vivint’s professional installers will position every component where they stay unobtrusive to your employees and customers. Vivint has security solutions for:

Retail Store


Place cameras to watch the customer checkout counter or employee areas. Give every employee a individual smart lock PIN number and block off employee-only zones.

Office Building

Office space

Get alerts when an employee enter and leave the premises, then remotely control lighting, temperature, and alarm system to act accordingly.


Food Service

The natural aesthetics of Vivint components helps your customers to have a nice, enjoyable visit. Or install a security camera to make sure your servers and crew keep a clean and efficient kitchen.


Health and Wellness

Guard patient information, keep off-limit areas secure, and guarantee employee quality with HD cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors. Then help create a comfortable atmosphere by controlling temperature and light levels.


Your livelihood is too important for an out-of-the-box commercial security system

Let the professionals from Vivint plan the best arrangement for all your components. Vivint specialists experienced attention to detail comes in handy when you have an unusual arrangement, like a camera directed at an essential area. All components will also be elegantly styled and hidden enough so they won’t take away from your services.

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Get the best business security system for your Chicago business. With state-of-the-art components, 24/7 monitoring, and remote control, you’ll be amazed at the safety, security, and energy-efficiency your business can obtain. Just phone (312) 626-4802 or fill out the form below to speak with a Vivint professional.